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{Bliss} Mobile Day Spa
is pleased to offer

e-lix-r  tonics are delicious fruit and herb beverages formulated according
to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (notion of wellness and preventative care).
Rich in "phyto" (plant based nutrients), antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, 
e-lix-r  tonics feeds the body and nourishes organs back to a state
of health and balance.

Add e-lix-r tonics to your {Bliss} spa experience for only $10 per person.

Choose from:

/depthrecharger.jpgDepth Recharger® 
A great replenishing

formula for those people whose reserves

have been depleted by overly active stress filled

lives. It's also good for people suffering from jet lag

or those recovering from an illness. Flavored with

blackberry, boysenberry, pear, grape skin extract

and lemon juice, it's one of our two most popular



/liquidyoga.jpgLiquid Yoga®
This is a relaxation formula and is

great to take the edge off. We call it a "chill-at-will"

tonic. It's apricot flavored and great for those needing

a respite from angst, distress and worry. Many

people like to drink this prior to bedtime to help

them fall into a restful sleep.

Img73.jpgMind Over Muddle®
As the name implies, this

tonic is a great one for mental clarity, focus and

concentration. It's also good for your memory. It

helps promote blood flow to the brain and thereby

keep alive some of the smaller capillaries. It's a wonderful

tasting blend of raspberries, plums, apples and

grape skin extract.

powerplant.jpgPower Plant®
This is our energy drink and good

for a jump start. It's a tart tasting lemon citrus formula

and is the only one of our tonics that has caffeine

in it that comes in part from green tea extract,

yerba maté and guaraná, the latter two being South

American herbs. The caffeine content is equal to

about a half a cup of coffee.

/tametheelements.jpgTame the Elements®
This is our most effective

drink for dealing with early signs of cold and flu. The

underlying formula is based on a long used Chinese

formula called Yin Qiao San and is very effective in

knocking out these early symptoms. We suggest

serving the lemon honey tasting beverage hot as it

will be a more soothing experience under the circumstances.

/virtualbuddha.jpgVirtual Buddha®
This is our other most popular

drink along with Depth Recharger®. This is a

wonderful tonic for balance and creativity. It's peach

flavored and is known to open the heart charka,

thereby releasing tension and allowing the energy to

flow. Therefore it’s relaxing and energizing at the

same time.

Please see our Elixir Tonics FAQ for more information on these delicious and healthy beverages.


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